The CVS Curriculum for Children also includes evaluation and assessment (RFCDC, Volume 3).

  • Evaluation: the observation and measurement of the effectiveness of a specific activity and the whole programme of study whose aim includes the development of children’s DI competences. Evaluation of both teaching and learning.
  • Assessment: the measurement or systematic description of a child’s degree of proficiency in DI competences.

All the evaluation and assessment procedures are integrated in the CVS App.

Evaluation of teaching and learning processes

Teaching evaluation

Timing At the end of each activity
Assessor (Core) Teacher

Learning evaluation

Two kinds of learning evaluation are foreseen, depending on the activity realized:

  • Learning evaluation of CVS activities (A3@M1 and A3@M2): the evaluation procedure is suggested at the end of the description of each CVS activity.
  • Learning evaluation of other activities: The Telegraph (see below).
Timing At the end of each activity
Assessor Every child
Questions The Telegraph or the specific CVS activity evaluation

Assessment of children’s democratic and intercultural competences

Timing Pre-test, at the beginning of the school year, before starting the Curriculum activities
Post-test, at the end of the school year, after ending the Curriculum activities
Assessing system Self-assessment
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