The CVS Curriculum is a biennial course, aimed at children aged from 9 to 10 years (approximately the last grades of primary schools, but it depends from the school system in force in the country in which the curriculum is implemented), articulated in two modules, one for each academic year: Module 1 “Our voices for our schools” (when children are about 9-year-old), Module 2 “Our voices for our towns” (when children are about 10-year-old; see Fig. 1).

Figure 1. Relation between the modules of the CVS Curriculum

Both modules are conceived as cycles, each articulated in five steps covering the entire school year (see Fig. 2). Each step is also conceived as a sub cycle, in which a series of activities are foreseen and which represent the planning principles of Experience (E), Comparison (C), Analysis (An), Reflection (R) and Action (Ac)2.

Figure 2. Relations between the steps and the activities foreseen in each module of the CVS Curriculum
Note. E Experience, C Comparison, An Analysis, R Reflection, Ac Action

2 See Volume 3 of the RFCDC, pp-27-28.

3 This section will be deleted in the final version of the manual

4 This section will be deleted in the final version of the manual

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