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01.07.2022posted by RODAX Management
Can we increase children’s rights endorsement and knowledge?: A pilot study based on the reference framework of competences for democratic culture

09.11.2021posted by RODAX Management
Save the Date: 16 december 2021, Study day on democratic and intercultural competences, University of Palermo

29.06.2021posted by RODAX Management
CVS staff participated at the IAIE 2021 Intercultural Education in an Age of Information and Disinformation Conference.
CVS Presentation slides

06.10.2020posted by RODAX Management
The Educational Needs of Teachers in the EU for Inclusive Education in a Context of Diversity

14-15.11.2019posted by RODAX Management
CVS staff participated to the Working Conference of the Council of Europe “Competences in Action” for the Campaign “Free to Speak, Safe to Learn” Democratic Schools for All, Florence, 14-15.11.2019

11-12.09.2019posted by RODAX Management
CVS M3 meeting in Bagheria

09-13.09.2019posted by RODAX Management
CVS C2 meeting in Bagheria

14-15.03.2019posted by RODAX Management
CVS M2 meeting in Mezdra

11-15.03.2019posted by RODAX Management
CVS C1 meeting in Mezdra

23.11.2018posted by RODAX Management
Kick-off meeting in Palermo.

15.10.2018posted by RODAX Management
The website of the project has gone live.

09.10.2018posted by RODAX Management
An updated Word template for project documents is available for download in the “Resources” section of the website.

08.10.2018posted by RODAX Management
The project website has a release candidate variant.

01.10.2018posted by RODAX Management
Based on the opinions and the polls of the project members, the logo of the project was established. The logo is available for download in different file variants, in color and monochrome, in the “Resources” section of the website.


Study day on democratic and intercultural competences – December 16, 2021, University of Palermo

CVS International Virtual Conference – June 3-4, 2021, Bergen

CVS Multiplier Event at “Slettebakken” School – Bergen, NORWAY
Teacher impressions
Children’s message to politicians
Teacher’s message to politicians

CVS Multiplier Event at “Nicolae Orghidan” School – Brasov, ROMANIA, May 7, 2021
DI Activity
Teacher impressions
Children’s message to politicians
Teacher’s message to politicians

CVS Multiplier Event at “Giuseppe Cirincione” School – Bagheria, ITALY, April 27, 2021
We had 124 registered people and almost 95 -100 people online for the duration of the event. There were more than 20 schools online with different classes and pupils were happy and curious to participate. We presented the project aims and its theoretical basis, the main four intellectual outputs and overall we gave voice to our students!!!
At the end of the conference we proposed to use “Zabderfilio” Activity with the students. We sent a copy to each participant.
This meeting felt as a celebration of our hard work and we want to thank you all for this opportunity, from the students to the teachers to the trainers to the professors.
Activities video
Teacher’s message to politicians
Children’s message to politicians

CVS Multiplier Event at “Ivan Vazov” School – Mezdra, BULGARIA – April 22, 2021
School website
Local media
eTwinning updates
School activity
Students message
Teachers message

CVS Multiplier Events at local level
“Ivan Vazov” School – Mezdra, BULGARIA – April 19-23, 2021
“Manuel Foguet” School – Vinaros, SPAIN – April 23, 2021
“Slettebakken” School, Bergen, NORWAY – May 31-June 2, 2021
“Nicolae Orghidan” School – Brasov, ROMANIA – May 7-15, 2021
Press release
“Giuseppe Cirincione” School – Bagheria, ITALY
Press release

“Education for Democracy in Schools” Council of Europe Online Conference – April 15-16, 2021
Background Note
Conference Program

CVS International Virtual Conference – June 3-4, 2021
Conference Program

Martyn Barrett – the lead author of the Council of Europe’s Reference Framework of Competences for Democratic Culture (RFCDC) and Vasilka Kolovska- a teacher from Ivan Vazov Secondary School participated to the Online Meeting of the Council of Europe’s Education Policy Advisers Network (EPAN) on 30 October.
Event page
Video presentation

Erasmus+ project dissemination conference – Brasov, Romania
On the occasion of InfoErasmus Days, the Brașov County School Inspectorate organizes in partnership with the Alba, Buzău, Covasna, Dolj, Giurgiu, Ialomița, Sibiu, Brașov Teaching Staff House and Aspire Teachers, a video conference for the dissemination of Erasmus + projects. ” In this event, the Romanian team has presented CVS activities and main products, focusing on sharing good practices and how RFCDS help the developing citizenship and civic awareness in primary school.

On the 16th October 2020 Ivan Vazov Secondary school took part in the Erasmus+ Days. The event was registered on the official website of the event.
Core teachers and pupils from the key classes of the Erasmus+ project CVS presented their activities to the other students and teachers from the school. Different activities took place:
– A radio broadcast about the benefits and the impact which the CVS project has had on our community;
– Presentation with photos of the pupils’ activities was shown on the corridors’ TVs;
– Some of the results of the project were presented in front of students from the secondary level.

In this event, we aim to present how the eTwinning program contributes to the development of Erasmus+ projects and the opportunities that these European initiatives open up for school and education in general. We focus on Children’s Voices for a new Human Space, which main aim is Implementing the Council of Europe’s RFCDC in primary education.

CVS Activities during COVID-19 pandemic

Presentation to the First Meeting of the Council of Europe’s RFCDC Working Group on Training, 3-5 June, 2020, Prof. Martyn Barrett

23-25.09.2019Conference of the Italian Association of Psychology
Poster presented at the conference of Associazione Italiana di Psicologia (Italian Association of Psychology), Naples, 23-25 September, 2019

11-12.09.2019M3 Transnational Meeting
CVS M3 Program Details

09-13.09.2019C2 Learning/Teaching/Training activity
CVS C2 Program Details

11.04.2019Dissemination at local level, Brașov

14-15.03.2019M2 Transnational Meeting
CVS M2 Program Details

11-15.03.2019C1 Learning/Teaching/Training activity
CVS C1 Program Details

23.11.2018Kick-off meeting

Day 1 program

Press releases and Media
Children voices for a new human Space – Promuovere la cultura democratica nel contesto della scuola primaria

30.03.2021“Manuel Foguet” School – Vinaros, SPAIN
Video for the Multiplier Event on April 23

30.03.2021“Ivan Vazov” School – Mezdra, BULGARIA
Bulgarian video for the “Education for Democracy in Schools” Council of Europe Conference

29.03.2021“Ivan Vazov” School – Mezdra, BULGARIA
Ivan Vazov Secondary School received an eTwinning School Label 2021/2022.
A short report at the local media- text, and video.

26.03.2021“Giuseppe Cirincione” School – Bagheria, ITALY
Italian video for the “Education for Democracy in Schools” Council of Europe Conference

23.03.2021“Manuel Foguet” School – Vinaros, SPAIN
Spanish video for the “Education for Democracy in Schools” Council of Europe Conference

15.01.2021RODAX Management
Promoting Democratic and Intercultural Competences in the Primary School Context: The experience of “Children’s Voices for a new Human Space

11.11.2020“Manuel Foguet” School – Vinaros, SPAIN
Erasmus Projects radio podcast

09.10.2020RODAX Management
CVS Outputs

21.03.2019RODAX Management
CVS IO Leaflet: EN | BG | ES | IT | NO | RO


21.03.2019RODAX Management
CVS Presentation Leaflet

СУ “Иван Вазов”- Мездра бе домакин на работна среща по Проект “Гласът на децата” PDF

18.03.2019STUDIO MEDIA+


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